Achieving a 50% increase in redeemed vouchers

This UX design case study highlights the successful implementation of an email user flow optimization project, resulting in a remarkable increase in voucher redemption rates.







Project Overview

The primary goal of this improvement project was to simplify the email welcome flow and to streamline the process of redeeming the 5 euro discount voucher.

Problem Statement

It was suspected that the existing email user flow, specifically the second email, was not effectively conveying the value of the discount and motivating users to redeem it.

Design Solution

To address the identified issues, the first significant improvement was streamlining the flow from two emails to a single, impactful email. This revised email immediately greeted new members and presented them with a compelling offer: a 5 euro discount. 

In terms of user experience, the design focused on simplicity and clarity. Four smaller call-to-action (CTA) buttons were replaced with a single prominent CTA button. This change allowed for a more streamlined and intuitive interaction.


The analysis revealed a significant increase in voucher usage following the implementation of the new email design.

Comparing the data from P1 (weeks 34-36, 2021) with the old email design, the voucher usage rate stood at 26%. During P2 (weeks 40-42, 2021), the voucher usage rate saw a slight increase, reaching 28%.

In Period 1 of the following year, with the same old email design, the voucher usage rate stood at 29%. After the switch to the new email design in Period 2 of the subsequent year, the voucher usage rates kyrocketed to 43.0%. This signifies an almost 50% boost in voucher utilization compared to the old email design.

Key takeaways

This project highlighted the effectiveness of fine-tuning the welcome flow by reducing it to a single email instead of two. The streamlined approach proved to be more successful in encouraging voucher redemption and improving the overall user experience.

By consolidating the welcome flow into a single email, reducing the number of touchpoints increased clarity and reduced potential confusion for new members. 

The UX design played a crucial role in the success of the project. Elements such as a clear call-to-action button, cohesive visual branding, and well-explained instructions for voucher redemption greatly influenced user behavior and engagement.
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